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Meeting Room

Go Virtual 

Avodigy has enhanced its mobile event app, Eventpedia, into a supportive web app. It is now supporting the desktop browser screen size. In addition, Eventpedia now has a built-in integration to virtual functionality.

Concierge Desk

Virtual Sessions

Form the session profile page, attendees now can “Join” the webinar presentation from the presenter. If the presentation has a recording, attendees can also watch the recordings from the session profile.



App user will see the presenter deliver the session in a webinar format. Presenter can display presentation materials, ask audience for a survey/vote and a public chat window for attendees to ask questions.

City Market

Exhibitor Profile

App user will see a “chat” button off the exhibitor profile. This chat button allows the attendee to video chat with the booth personnel.


Booth personnel

This is the chat session between the attendee and the booth personnel

Mobile_&_Desktop_Version (2).png
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